About ToG

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We strive to be many things, but for starters, we are a community dedicated to golf nerds and gear heads. The equipment obsessed, if you will. We are an open source repository of golf club specifications of your favorite tools in the game.

Equipment manufacturers have produced some incredible products over the years. Products that remain relevant to this very day. We want to champion their creations and give them a place to live on forever.

Affiliate Marketing

In addition to providing club specs, we also provide direct links to purchase each club model on eBay. This is done through eBay's affiliate marketing program, which basically means if you, the reader, goes on to purchase the product by clicking the link, we'll get a commission.

We also intend to make this a helpful starting point for beginners. The equipment scene in today's world is complex, with an overwhelming amount of choices. We want to provide value for golfers of all levels. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all! So with that said: scroll around, have fun, and if you have any tips/corrections/ideas or just want to say hello, feel free to drop us a line at our contact page.